Fellowship Activities

The Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity program blends in-person and online learning to build comprehensive knowledge of national and global health disparities. Fellows convene in-person 4 times per year. Activities include the following:


Initial Convening: Washington, DC

Selected fellows begin their fellowship year with a two week intensive program at the George Washington University Health Workforce Institute in Washington, DC, developing a shared knowledge base of fundamental concepts related to health equity and leadership. Training includes interactive leadership seminars as well as presentations by noted leaders in health equity and health policy. Discussion topics may include, equity in the global health workforce, understanding racial and ethnic disparities, and measuring socioeconomic inequities.

During this time, the fellows also visit sights in and around the city, including the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the U.S. Capitol, and the Senate.

online learning

Online learning is a fundamental element of the year-long fellowship program. While most learning is self-directed (readings, videos, independent reflection), fellows meet virtually for 90 minutes every two weeks – building knowledge and practicing skills, while sustaining the global community. The online curriculum for the fellowship covers topics in health equity and leadership in an alternating fashion.

Mid-year convening: Rwinkwavu, Rwanda 

The mid-year convening is an important opportunity for fellows to understand health equity in an entirely different context than that available in Washington, DC. The unique history of Rwanda and its recent achievements in health, combined with internationally recognized faculty and community site visits, create a powerful learning experience. Some specific discussion topics included global health and economic development, refugee health, the global HIV/AIDS movement and scientific activism.

beyond flexner conference

A special convening for current fellows and alumni is held at the Beyond Flexner Conference. The Beyond Flexner Alliance hosts a comprehensive conference for health professionals committed to more equitable health care. The broad themes of social mission include social determinants of health, community engagement, disparity reduction, diversity promotion and value-based health care. Inter-professional education and practice are essential components of a transformed health system. The Beyond Flexner Conference is a unique opportunity to learn more about the movement and how to integrate social mission into your teaching, learning and practice.

Final convening: Washington, DC

The final convening emphasizes reflection on the year and each fellow’s personal and professional growth, addressing remaining health equity topics and honing skills for long term leadership success. A defining element of the program is the series capstone presentations (see Equity Talks @ GW). The brief presentations include personal explorations of self, powerful expressions of ongoing inspiration and future ambition for community empowerment and achievement of equity.