Shubha Nagesh, MBBS, MHA, MPH


Shubha Nagesh is a medical doctor and a public health specialist working for children with developmental disabilities in the foothills of the Himalayas. She currently serves as Director- Research, Community follow-up and Autism Assessment Programs at The Latika Roy Foundation, a not-for-profit in Uttarakhand, the Himlayan state of India. For a decade, Dr. Nagesh has designed and implemented community based programs for families of children with developmental disabilities at government health facilities in rural contexts. Earlier, she has been a national consultant with the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) prong of the AIDS program, Government of India. She is currently involved in research to explore the health related quality of life of children with disabilities in India. Dr. Nagesh focuses on improving access to services for young girls with disabilities. Previously, as an Erasmus Scholar, a VLIR-UOS scholar, and a New Voice in Global Health, Dr. Nagesh strives to incorporate childhood disability into the global health discourse.

Fellowship Focus: Explore the comparative impact of gender and disability among young girls to develop gender sensitive assessment and intervention programs for children with developmental disabilities.